FitSuite  2.0.0
Known Bugs

Known Bugs

2007-10-25 FitSuite Version 1.0.1

  • The error calculation of some parameters (e.g.: isomer shifts) is buggy. This is probably a bug in the program part following the changes.

2007-10-05 FitSuite Version 1.0.0

The program was renamed from EfFi 2 to FitSuite.

  • After fitting the program draws more and much more plots, than it should draw. This is a thread problem. (Hopefully was solved in version 1.0.1)
  • Because of the change following we have problems with fitting of time integral spectra. Before starting an iteration, you should run a simulation. After a fit was finished successfully, there is no such problem.
  • We have still the same problems. As validators were added, whitespaces hopefully cannot be used from now on.
  • The memory problem arising in case of offspecular problems, which we thought to be Windows specific, arisies for Linux also, this may be architecture dependent.

2007-07-12 EfFi Version 2.0.6

  • under Windows if the number of grid points is greater than a critical value in case of offspecular simulations, FitSuite may end up with a segmentation fault. Under some Linuxes there is sometimes such problem also. If you meet such a problem try to simulate with lower resolution.
  • Please do not use whitespaces (space, tabulator et al. ) in names in FitSuite, as it may have very queer consequences. E.g.: you cannot load the saved project file, which contains such names.
  • A calibration constant, which was set to be not constant, cannot be set to be calibration constant again.
  • Exclusion of data points is not working with traditional (not synchrotron source) Mössbauer spectra and stroboscopy.